James Magazine

Written by Marta Piovani on 09 August 2019

James Magazine, Alessandra Piubello reconstructs the path that Barone Pizzini has undertaken since 1998, starting from the choice of organic viticulture. Hence the title “The roots are important” which underlines the constant attention towards the vineyard and its uniqueness.

The over twenty years described are characterized by the many projects embarked upon in the name of the ideal that “organic is the means, the end is quality”. Among the most significant, architectural choices with bioclimatic solutions, Ita.Ca to reduce the carbon footprint, Biopass to measure the soils vitality.

The vertical tasting of the Franciacorta Bagnadore Riserva is an opportunity to follow this path through the senses. Seven vintages from 2004, up to 2012 to understand the different expressions of the 27-year-old vineyard, Roccolo, on morainic soil, with a composition that is sandy on the surface, clayey in depths.

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