Animante: the first Franciacorta with Erbamat

Animante is the first Franciacorta with a percentage of Erbamat.

This goal is the result of years of studies, trials and investments concerning this ancient native vine of Brescia, characterized by its high acidity and low sugar content.

The first evidence of Erbamat dates back to a work written in 1564 by the Brescian agronomist Agostino Gallo, entitled “The ten days of the real agriculture and pleasures of the villa”, and then disappear from all the maps and vineyards for almost 500 years.

In 2008, thanks to the help of the agronomist Pierluigi Donna and Studio Sata, we planted the first hectare from wich three wines were born called “Tesi”: Tesi 1, Tesi 2 and Tesi 3, each with a different percentage of Erbamag within them.

Altought these three products cannot be classified Franciacorta because of the high percentage of Erbamat present in the assembly (the production code foresees a maximum use of 10%), they have been indispensable to understand the behavior of this particular vine.

The choice to cultivate Erbamat has two main objectives: to better characterize Franciacorta and to respond to the climate changes particularly felt in the last 30 years.

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