Bagnadore 2011

Bagnadore 2011, the word to those who thought of it and created it

“In addition to representing and interpreting our values ​​in the best possible way, Bagnadore is a wine I am particularly fond of.

This Riserva was created by my father Pierjacomo, one of the founders of Barone Pizzini, with the aim of celebrating our family, called the Bagnadores, from the name of the stream that flows next to our 15th century residence of Marone, on the lake of Iseo” says Piermatteo Ghitti, CEO of Barone Pizzini.

The historic Riserva, of which 20,000 bottles were produced for the 2011 vintage, is the result of commitment, rigor and patience, as well as careful selection of the grapes, slight passage in wood, very long aging and no dosage.

It comes from the skilful blend of the best Chardonnay (60%) and Pinot Nero (40%) grapes, from a single vineyard, the Roccolo, with plants of over twenty years, which enjoy the benefits of geographical location near a wood that mitigates the climate, guarantees excellent temperature range and promotes biodiversity.

The grapes are harvested separately, pressed and vinified 8 months in barriques and 8 months in stainless steel tanks, where they ripen before being assembled.

“The 2011 was a year in Franciacorta that gave interesting surprises. From a climatic point of view the spring was warm while the summer was cool and rainy, this caused an early ripening of the grapes, which then slowed down and continued gradually.

The favorable climatic conditions have allowed the obtaining of excellent quality bases, so much so that the harvest reserve was granted. The conditions have also proved optimal due to the acidic composition and concentration of the product.

In addition to the ideal climatic conditions, the success of the year is also linked to a corporate maturity that allowed us to achieve excellent results”concludes Silvano Brescianini, General Manager of the Company.

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