James Magazine

Press / 09 August 2019 / by Marta Piovani
James Magazine, Alessandra Piubello reconstructs the path that Barone Pizzini has undertaken since 1998, starting from the choice of organic viticulture. Hence the title “The roots are important” which underlines the constant attention towards… Read More

The Washington Post

Press / 02 February 2016 / by Marta Piovani
5 wines to try this week Barone Pizzini Animante Franciacorta, Italy Franciacorta is Italy’s top sparkling wine, and the best examples offer champagne quality at relatively modest prices. The Barone… Read More

Odd Bacchus – January 14, 2016

Press / 01 February 2016 / by Marta Piovani
In “The Best Wines I Drank in 2015: White & Sparkling,” Rob Frisch lists his favorite white wines from last year, including: BARONE PIZZINI Satèn Franciacorta… Read More