The first Organic Franciacorta

A wine that makes of the territory its strongest ally, and from it draws the uniqueness and character that distinguish it.

1998 – 2019

Over twenty years of Organic Viticulture

Organic winemaking is the natural culmination of a quest to achieve the greatest expression of land. Respect for nature is the best tool for obtaining grapes rich with life and expressive potential. The balance between humankind and nature is at the heart of wines that have a deep connection to the land where they are made. Such wines are unique and cannot be reproduced elsewhere.

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A sensory journey to discover the first Organic Franciacorta

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Barone Pizzini - erbe spontanee
Respect for the environment

The winery

Built according to the highest standards of architectural sustainability, the winery fully reflects the ideals of Barone Pizzini: efficiency, elegance and minimal impact on the environment.

Like a tree, it is partly underground, from which it captures energy and freshness to transmit them to the wine.

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Beyond Franciacorta

From the lowland forest of Montenetto to the windy hills of Maremma, passing through the slopes of the Esina Valley, our commitment to organic farming extends beyond Franciacorta …


9 hectares of organic vineyard divided among 5 vines: Marzemino, Sangiovese and Merlot for red wines and Trebbiano and Chardonnay for white wines.

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Two plots close together but with different characteristics exert the influence of soil and exposure on Sangiovese, the prince vine.

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A terroir far from the Franciacorta one, also diversified by the microclimates of the two sides of the Esino, which give life to wines with different characteristics.

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The wines

Founded in 1870

The history of the first Organic Franciacorta

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James Magazine

Press / 09 August 2019 / by Marta Piovani
James Magazine, Alessandra Piubello reconstructs the path that Barone Pizzini has undertaken since 1998, starting from the choice of organic viticulture. Hence the title “The roots are important” which underlines the constant attention towards… Read More