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Organic viticulture

FROM 1997

Organic winemaking is the natural culmination of a quest to achieve the greatest expression of land. Respect for nature is the best tool for obtaining grapes rich with life and expressive potential. The balance between humankind and nature is at the heart of wines that have a deep connection to the land where they are made. Such wines are unique and cannot be reproduced elsewhere.

and character

Distinguish our winery

The story of Barone Pizzini has its roots in Franciacorta. It was this rich territory that taught us the importance of diversity, of the expression of the earth, and to translate it into a wine that represents it.

A vision that guides us in each of our projects, which is conceived, realized and pursued according to the balance of the place that hosts it.

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A unique sensory experience

Visits to the winery follow the progress of our wines, from the vineyard to the glass. A course designed to explain the rules of organic viticulture, to discover the ecosystem that surrounds our rows, to learn more about the winemaking process in the cellar and to be finally guided in tasting our wines.



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